Consulting & Executive Recruitment

To develop your business, it is important to have the right team working for you. Having competent staff with the right experience can help ensure that your business operates smoothly and that your customers and clients are receiving the best service. Here are some reasons why businesses may use a recruitment consultant to fill a number of positions, such as Public Relations, Project Management and marketing director jobs

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Consultants Can Help Assess The Business

Having an impartial third party assess the staffing requirements of a business can be a good way to ensure that the right people are being placed in the right jobs. Consultants know how to evaluate the skills and experience of applicants and to pair it with the needs of the company. Consultants may also be able to make recommendations when filling a position that the company might not have considered; for example, when searching for a marketing executive, the recruiter may suggest searching for someone with considerable social media experience. 

Relief For Human Resources 

We often think that Human Resources staff are solely responsible for hiring and firing other staff in a company, but this is not always the case. An HR manager and his or her team must deal with a number of issues, including payroll, complaints and overseeing any immigration or work permit issues. Using a recruitment consultant when hiring staff for more specialist roles can help to alleviate HR personnel of some of the necessary work so that they can concentrate on recruitment matters for less senior staff. 

Tapping Into A Wider Network

Recruitment consultants have at their disposal a wide network of contacts that are ready to fill open positions. It is often common practice that such recruiters will gather in resumes and attend networking events which allows them to meet qualified candidates that a normal human resource manager may not know about. The consultant can then refer or recommend a candidate for a position without going through the long recruitment process. 

Securing Confidentiality

Recruiting for an executive or senior position can be tricky at times as privacy issues come into play. An executive may not want it widely known that he or she is seeking a new job opportunity, and many executives prefer to job hunt by word of mouth rather than by responding to job ads. Using a consultant can often help to ensure that the recruitment process remains confidential and that the privacy of the candidates is respected.